Production Companies

Production Companies

OTB Studios is aware that not every production company is able to service every type of video production need.  As a result,  OTB Studios encompasses several production companies, each catering to a specific form of videography, ensuring that our clients are provided the service they need and want!

Our Production Companies Include:

Black Tie  (Business / Corporate)

Black Tie Productions specializes in providing video services for internal corporate and business purposes such as training videos, recaps, and presentation videos.

Fingerprint Productions (Family)

Fingerprint Productions specializes in providing video services for those family and personal moments that you want to always remember.  Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations- let us help you save those cherished memories for you and your loved ones!

Gruv Times (Music)

You have the look, the sound, and music that you know everyone wants to hear, but these days, music is just as visual as it is sonic.  You need a visual presentation to stand out from the thousands of others that put out music every year to show why YOU are the star!!  Regardless of the genre- we will make you shine!

NewsFlash (News)

News is what everyone wants- whether its political, social, entertainment, or education- people want their news and they want it in an engaging and professional presentation on the platform of their choice.  NewsFlash provides just that, and will make sure our customers, and yours, are left satisfied!

Out The Box Productions (scripted/episodic/film)

We don’t think like everyone else- plain and simple.  If you’re looking for unique, engaging, and entertaining, with that touch of relativity that audiences cannot resist, then you need to think outside the box- which is where we come in 🙂   

Out The Box Productions prides itself in being different than other production companies in its project selections and approach to make the old new, and the new stand out even more!

Picture Finish (Event Coverage)

Have an event you need captured?  A concert, theatrical performance, speech, etc?  Do you want it captured, and/or streamed live?  Welcome to Picture Finish Productions, where we will make sure your event is captured, and remembered in the best quality possible!

Silent Crystal (Commercials)

Have a great product or service that you want to show the world in a way that exemplifies why it deserves to be noticed?  Then you have come to the right place! Silent Crystal specializes in providing promotional videos for its clients- whether its commercials, informational, promos, or psa’s- we will make your message the center of attention that everyone is talking about!