OTB Studios is a multi-platform production studio composed of several production companies that each specialize in unique areas of the video production industry.   From scripted programming to personal videos, OTB Studios can satisfy your production needs!


OTB Studios was born in the midst of the digital and traditional video convergence.  As a result, the company’s approach to content creation is balanced between the best of both worlds!  Whether its traditional production, or new techniques such as transmedia, branded content, interactive, or multi-platform production, OTB Studios has its clients covered!  In addition, has immediate as a division of RJB & Associates, LLC, OTB Studios sister company, New Media Consulting, specializes in digital media project development and management, giving OTB Studios immediate and direct access to a team of digital media specialists.  


Robert J. Brooks has worked in the media industry for over 10 years, serving in video production, broadcast, and digital media.  His video production career includes both freelance and corporate experience, and providing him the opportunity to work for companies such as NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, MTV, Microsoft, Sling Media, Echostar, STL TV, Simply ME TV, Mozell Entertainment Group, DNA, Octopus Creative Group, G-Net Media, Bad Robot, Rose City Free Pictures, P.O.P. Media, Inc., Radio One, Inc. , and Interactive One, Inc.

In addition, he has helped develop projects for involving both video and digital media components for reputable brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Kitkat, Live Nation, Steve Litman Presents, Instacredit Automart, 1-800-522-HURT, AT&T, Cricket, Turec Advertising, Fuse Advertising, American Idol, Hollywood Motor Company, Wingstop, US Army, Mid-America Chevrolet, Scottrade Center, Six Flags, Citi Trends, Harris Stowe University, State Farm, Charter Media, and Warner Brothers.

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